Just like trying to start any good habit, doing a little bit everyday can help you get in the routine and actually stick with it long-term. Here are small tasks to do every day for a cleaner space in 15 minutes. Ready to up your cleaning game? Add on these simple additional steps for a deeper 30-minute clean.

Instead of leaving all your cleaning for the weekend when you should be relaxing, here are small things you can do every day in as little as 15 minutes to keep your space clean and your mind clear.


Clutter makes a room look messy, even if it was just cleaned. Get all the toys off the floor. Put magazine into a neat pile. Fluff the pillows. If you don’t have time to get items to all their proper places in the house, put all the items that need to be rehomed into a laundry basket or take it to the next level create a laundry basket for each member of your household.

Wipe & Dust

The clutter is gone, and that’s usually when we also see dust, fingerprints, smudges, or sticky stuff that our clutter was hiding. Go through each area of your home, and wipe down the hard surfaces like countertops, side tables, and coffee tables with a soft cloth. You should have one cloth for dusting, one for surfaces that need a cleaning product, and a different set just for your powder room.

Ready to take your cleaning regimen to the next level?

Add in these others small tasks for a clean space in 30 minutes.


Do a quick pass with a vacuum in each area. If you have a material other than carpet, you can still use a vacuum, but make sure to use the correct vacuum setting.

Take out the trash

Take-out containers and mountains of Amazon boxes are a given in the “new normal,” but that doesn’t mean they have to linger. Gather all visible trash from around the house’s main areas and take out any bags that are full.

Disinfect high-touch surfaces

To keep you and your family safe as possible, wipe down doorknobs, sink handles, drawer handles, and toilet handles with a disinfecting wipe.

Taking these simple steps every day to make your home a cleaner space can help give you and your family peace of mind and start your new year on the right track. Whether you do a quick 15-minute clean or a 30-minute clean, it’s the daily effort that adds up to help make this your cleanest year yet.

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